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It was in 1995 when Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela had an awakening …. Being a multi-racial couple, they found that some Gurudwaras were closed to the idea of them performing weddings or sharing Kirtan at their Temples or outside Gurudwaras. They wanted to make sure that LOVING couples would not be denied an Authentic Traditional Anand Karaj at any location or destination in the world regardless of their color or faith … Thus began their passionate journey as innovative Destination Sikh Wedding Officiants.

They design and deliver their wedding ceremonies with the utmost integrity, with a compulsive attention to detail leaving a trail of satisfied clients around the globe. Their one hour Punjabi and English Anand Karaj Ceremony is extremely engaging and time whizzes by before you know it. Based in Vancouver, Canada, they know how to bring Destination Wedding to life in any part of the world. Check out what previous clients have to say about their services on their Testimonials Page.

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