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About your Sikh Indian Wedding in Cancun Mexico Priest for your Cancun Sikh Wedding

Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela are compassionate Canadian Sikh Officiants in their mid 60’s who travel the world sharing love. They have a profound passion for singing Kirtan and have been imparting words of wisdom at Cancun Sikh Weddings and at Indian Weddings in Cancun Mexico for over two decades.

​Their unique style of presentation is a contemporary and refreshing modern approach, with personal touches for each couple, maintaining​ all the obligatory traditional ceremony customs. Their Cancun Sikh Wedding ceremonies are conducted with the utmost respect and are received with great enthusiasm​ by wedding couples and families.

​As Sikh priests for Indian weddings in Cancun Mexico, they individualize each and every ceremony, sharing common sense useful tips for a sound relationship and marriage. Being a multi-racial couple, they have first-hand​ experience and an unmistakable comprehension of how to manage the elements of both customary and Interfaith Sikh destination weddings. ​Their purpose is to create meaningful, cultural unions at destinations such as Moon Palace Cancun Sikh Wedding and worldwide locations where everyone is welcome and included.

Do you have any questions that need answering? Please follow this link to the Destination Sikh Priest Cancun Mexico FAQ page to address your concerns.

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Listen to and download their kirtan Waheguru Simran on iTunes, Watch Sikh Wedding Riviera Cancun videos, and request a quote for their Sikh Wedding Cancun priest services.

If you would like to receive a special message expressed in a concise, understandable bilingual format, a helpful road map for a harmonious relationship from the spiritual writings of the Guru Granth Sahib ji, then allow Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela be your trusted officiants at your Sikh Wedding in Mexico.

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