Ladies Sangeet Songs

Ladies Sangeet Songs can Take Your Event a Notch Higher. We will Make your Mehndi Wedding Sangeet Party Special.

Ladies Sangeet Songs and Wedding Mehndi Geet songs are a common occurrence at a Sangeet party. A Sangeet party is a celebration just before the Indian wedding. A wedding sangeet party usually consists of only woman. In the Western culture it is similar to a woman’s shower party where women get together with the bride and have a celebration before the wedding. We are a special couple with Leela being a Canadian “Goree” singer.  She captures the essence of Indian Music through her songs.

The Ladies sangeet night consists of wedding Sangeet Songs, dancing and feasting. There are particular mehndi songs sung and other traditional songs and Punjabi Songs that are sung at this celebration. Also there is often bridal mehndi at this celebration, which is when the hands and skin are decorated with artistic impressions with henna.

Ladies Sangeet Songs for your Wedding Sangeet Party.

Ladies Sangeet Songs for your Wedding Sangeet Party.

How often have you gone to these events to be bored by well intentioned aunties belting away Desi tunes out of key and pitch. Don’t you deserve a better musical event for your Mehndi Ladies sangeet night.  Freedom and Leela will add uplifting wedding entertainment music to your event that will enhance the feeling and create that festive mood for your sangeet night.

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