Lok Geet

Punjabi Lok Geet Singers in Vancouver and Surrey, Canada.

Freedom and Leela create personalized Punjabi Music Lok Geets and Punjabi Songs for Cultural Weddings, Punjabi Sikh Weddings, Bengali Weddings, Pakistani Weddings, Fijian Weddings, Gujarati Weddings, East Indian Weddings and Indian Weddings and  Punjabi celebratory events.

Lok Geet Programs with Freedom and Leela.

Lok Geet Programs with Freedom and Leela.

Punjabi Lok Geets are folk songs that have a simple melody, easy lyrics to understand, and can often have a deeper meaning.

The following is a personalized Lok Geet for a Geet Punjabi  Surrey, BC program.

Jindh Maee jey tun jaana Surrey.
Othoo leeaveen Chicken Curry.
Hun taa fikar na koee worry.
Ik pal baijaa maray kol.
Tere Mithharey ney lugday bol.

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