Questions Regarding your Destination Sikh Wedding in Cancun, Riviera Maya Mexico

Does the Priest bring the Scriptures?

Yes, the complete 1,430 page Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji is brought with respect.  They give the scriptures the utmost care as this is their life compass, it is an integral part of their lives, not just for weekend worship at temples.  They also have access to a set of scriptures in many of the destinations.

Why should I use the services of a Destination Sikh Wedding Priest versus bringing my own relatives to conduct the ceremony?

Your Destination Sikh Wedding Priest knows of the proper set requirements, difficulties and details required in setting up a respectful and timely Gurudwara-like situation at a resort. Relatives at a destination are often stuck with communication issues with foreign languages spoken, items don’t arrive on time or crucial items are missing and there can be a long delay before the ceremony even begins. Often the resorts have no understanding of the norms and traditions of the Punjabi Sikh culture and this can cause great tension and disrespectful situations.

Is my Sikh Priest reliable and has he done enough Destination Weddings regularly to make the whole process professional and easy?

Your priest travels regularly to locations around the globe. This is his (their) sole profession and calling. Rest assured you will have a non-stressed, respectful and tradition based ceremony.

Will the resort know how to set up a Gurdwara like setting?

Many Destination Wedding Resorts are familiar with setting up weddings, but a handful have first-hand experience planning Sikh Weddings. They may be familiar with Indian or Asian weddings but Sikh Weddings are very different.

Is the Sikh priest well versed in the Sikh Tradition and how much Destination Wedding experience does he have?

Dr. Singh was born into the Sikh Faith and tradition and has over 45 years experience singing Kirtan, reading Gurbani and leading the Sangat at various Sikh ceremonies around the globe.  He was baptised at the age of 16 at Anandpur Sahib, India and has sung Kirtan in all the 5 major Takhats (Sikh Shrines), while his partner Leela has been educated and trained as a professional soprano, and in devotional Indian Music, and has been passionately singing heartfelt Kirtan with him for the past 22 years.

Are you allowed to have a destination Sikh and Interfaith Weddings outside the Gurudwara? Have you been threatened with being Disrespectful for having a Destination Sikh Wedding?

Click here for answers to Controversies regarding Sikh Weddings and other controversies regarding the Rehat Maryada, Sikh Rulebook, its opinions about Sikh Destination and Interfaith Weddings, and being a Sikh.

Can I watch an overview highlight video of a previous wedding?

Please follow this Link:  Sikh Destination Wedding Highlights.

Can I watch a full length video of a previous wedding?

Please follow this Link:  Full Sikh Wedding.

Will my family and friends be happy and satisfied with the service? Do you have Reviews I can read from previous clients?   Do you have any testimonials I can watch?

Please read reviews on Facebook and Google or watch testimonials videos below:y

Sikh Wedding Testimonial Punta Cana, Groom’s Parents
Sikh wedding Testimonial Punta Cana, Bridal Couple
Anand Karaj UK Interfaith Wedding Testimonial – Sister of Bride
Sikh Wedding Testimonial – Bride’s Father and President of Gurdwara
Sikh Destination Wedding Testimonials

Most of our guests use English as their primary speaking medium, does the priest conduct the ceremony in Punjabi and English?

The ceremony is designed specifically to keep the couple, peers, elders and youngsters fully engaged for the entire time. Your priest excels in both English, Punjabi, Gurmukhi, Hindi, and Spanish.

Will I have choices in making reasonable modifications to the ceremony set up and delivery?

Of course you will have choices.  A destination wedding gives the opportunity to think ‘outside the box’, respecting tradition and adding beauty to your ceremony.

Do you provide a written quote for your services?

A comprehensive time-sensitive quote is provided when a client fully fills out this Request Form.

Do you provide a formal agreement of your services with the client?

Yes, a formal terms of agreement is signed by both Dr. Singh, Leela and the wedding couple summarizing all services provided.

Do I have a choice as to what time I can have my ceremony?

Yes, the notion that weddings must be completed by noon is not a religious or spiritual mandate but rather a superstitious hand me down story, very contradictory to the Sikh Philosophy. You may have a ceremony at any time of the day.

Some of our relatives and guests can’t sit on the floor, can we modify seating arrangements?

Yes, the altar is always set higher then the congregational seating to accommodate chair seating when needed.

Will I receive documentation to send to the resort for setting up a Sikh Wedding?

A complete detailed document with specs and images is provided to the couple upon signing the terms. These will become the blueprint for planning your ceremony.

Will I have to pay for the flights, baggage, travel, hotel/resort, insurance on top of the service fees?

Yes, the breakdown of these costs will be sent to you with the quote. These rates vary based on the location of the ceremony.

If I have any questions prior to the wedding who do I contact to get information?

Mandeep Kaur, the Booking Manager will communicate with you via email through the entire process and your Sikh Priest will set up a Telephone /Facetime meeting before the ceremony to acquaint you with each other and the finer details for your ceremony.

Do you require a deposit to confirm your Sikh Wedding Services?

Yes, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking, however the deposit will be fully returned if for some unforeseen reason your Priest cannot physically attend and perform the wedding. This has not, and we hope will never happen.

How many people perform the wedding?

Two people perform the entire Sikh Wedding Ceremony.

Is the sound system included in their service?

Yes, 90% of the sound system will be provided and details of what is required will be sent in the quote, and later a PDF of Sound System Requirements is sent with the setup files.

I am thinking of having a beach wedding ceremony, would you suggest how to go about doing this?

On the Beach Sikh Weddings are a very daunting and challenging task than gazebo weddings, kindly review this link:  Choose a Tent for your Sikh Wedding.

Do you provide a marriage certificate?

No, couples are strongly advised to contact their local Justice of Peace to get a marriage document before or after their Anand Karaj Ceremony.

Do you conduct Interfaith, Mutiracial and Multicultural Sikh Weddings?

Of course, this is their specialty. All cultures and all human traditions are welcome.

Can I expect the wedding to start and end on time?

Yes, typically the ceremony will last 1 hour from the time the bride is seated in front of the altar.

Are there certain resorts you can recommend in Mexico, Jamaica or Punta Cana that are best suited for Sikh Weddings?

The Palace Resorts, Barceló and Hard Rock chains specialize in Destination Sikh Weddings but Azul Fives, Majestic Resorts, Gran Bahia, Palladium are also great choices.

Have you conducted traditional Punjabi Sikh Weddings at Resorts?

Yes, they regular conduct traditional weddings in Mexico, Punta Cana, Jamaica, Canada, UK and USA.

In what countries do they conduct weddings?

They specialize in conducting weddings in the Western Hemisphere and Caribbean area since it is close to their home base Vancouver, Canada, but they also travel to UK, Europe and Africa.

Do you conduct home or backyard weddings?

Yes, they love to conduct weddings in home or backyard environments, a very personal and intimate ambiance can be created.

Do you know of good gazebos to get married in Mexico?

Wedding Gazebo in Mexico.

I still have questions that need to be answered, where can I email you?

[email protected]