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View Freedom and Leela’s youtube Indian Music Channel to see clips of Punjabi Songs, Punjabi Music and Indian Wedding Music NOW!  Find out more.

Freedom and Leela, singers of Punjabi Music and Indian Songs, share their live performances on their Youtube Indian Music Channel.  Here you will find several clips of their Indian Wedding ceremony performances, Sikh Wedding and Punjabi Wedding Songs and Youtube Indian Punjabi Music Party Songs.  Below is the link to their Youtube video Channel.  You may have to weave through various videos as it also gives you a glimpse into their personal life of practicing yoga, travel videos, and videos on cooking Indian food, etc.

Freedom and Leela are a eclectic singing duo who know how to entertain their audiences and make them happy. Please visit Freedom and Leela’s exciting Youtube Indian Music Channel.

See Freedom and Leela’s Indian Music Youtube Channel.


Unique. Memorable. Fun. Engaging. That’s the event you and your Guests Deserve.

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